resurrection attempt :P

Posted by waRRen On 2:18 PM
ok this is a long time away from out with the past and back with the present..
now im in the US in texas, to be precise :P doing my MS here at UTA..

so what has changed with me?

from NY to texas, the whole cityscape has passed on..out with the tall buildings and in with the flat lands..out with the sports cars and in with the big-daddy of all trucks :P

twitter happened during the transition, made some good friends over twitter..some of them went away for various made me realise one one will "miss" this virtual self of mine, if go offline..
im just here for timepass and thats about no more being senti and crap :P

me in the process of getting a "thick skin" towards such ppl..

be yourself and live for yourself..

i am what i am..

i am right until i am proven wrong :)

and thanks for reading :D

PS: ill do a better job soon with my blog soon :)

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  1. Imp's Mom said...'> May 26, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    Yay yay yay...or should I say finally? ;p

    Welcome Back! ;-)


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