resurrection attempt :P

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ok this is a long time away from out with the past and back with the present..
now im in the US in texas, to be precise :P doing my MS here at UTA..

so what has changed with me?

from NY to texas, the whole cityscape has passed on..out with the tall buildings and in with the flat lands..out with the sports cars and in with the big-daddy of all trucks :P

twitter happened during the transition, made some good friends over twitter..some of them went away for various made me realise one one will "miss" this virtual self of mine, if go offline..
im just here for timepass and thats about no more being senti and crap :P

me in the process of getting a "thick skin" towards such ppl..

be yourself and live for yourself..

i am what i am..

i am right until i am proven wrong :)

and thanks for reading :D

PS: ill do a better job soon with my blog soon :)
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i have been blogging for the past many yrs. but ppl always mis-understand the point of keeping a blog.
some say its a shameless representation of ones routine or ones point of view some say its done to get public sympathy.
half the time, people just sit in front of their systems and aimlessly scour the entire web to find something otherwise some ppl try to make use of their time.

there have been many exps in my life which if i sit down to write out abt it in a blog would bore me while writing n will surely bore you people too.

but off lately i have come to believe in something "everything happens for a reason".

When something or someone whom u have wanted in your life so much that you were ready to give anything or do anything for it, just "gets away" frm u, what happens? devastation, depression, dis-belief.

sounds similar?

sure this has happened to many of you ppl, at least once. then starts the "recovery" process. after a few months or years you get something to "replace" that loss. and then the "eureka" moment, this is better than what I ever wanted. if this is how you react then why those anxiety pangs previously?

always try to keep an open mind, i wont say that im an angel in this matters, i also crib. but the fact still remains, why dont we just think abt God and trust in Him and His Plans when we are down n out, against life?